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There are many different opportunities to help support Maize Eagle Bands as the band students raise funds.  These funds are used towards transportation, equipment, uniforms, trip fundraising, food and more. We need your help so our band program continues to perform and excel while developing excellent musicians.


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Concession Volunteers

Concessions at Maize Eagle Athletic events are staffed by volunteers from all the high school's boosters. When you or your family volunteer for a Concessions shift, you earn money that is applied to your student's Maize Eagle Band student account. These funds can be applied to that student's band fees. We have ongoing needs for volunteers throughout the school year. Please click the link below to sign up for current volunteer opportunities.

During certain times of the year, we will open our Spirit Store for Maize Eagle Band apparel and other merchandise. Proceeds go back to the Band Boosters for support of all Maize Eagle Bands. Please watch for Booster emails and social media posts when the Spirit Store is open.

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e Summers

Want to flock someone?  Have fun with your co-workers, friends, family and neighbors!

You get sneaky and put a flock in their yard at night.

They pay a Removal Fee to Band Boosters and tag your student to fee

Fees goes into your student's account to be used for band fees, trips, etc.


Popcorner Sale

Fall Fundraiser


Band students will receive information in class, check back for more details.


Would you be willing to make a donation to the Maize Eagle Bands Booster Club? Or would your company be interested in a sponsorship? Let us know!

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our Boosters Club will get back to you.

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